Whirling Blade

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Ability Asana 1 WhirlingBlade.pngWhirling Blade
Character Asana
Phase Blast phase.png
Description Unleash a spinning strike that deals 22 damage.
Energy Gain 8 energy per enemy hit.
Cooldown 0
Free ability No

Ability Video

Mods[edit source]

Dancing Blade[edit source]

ModType Energy.pngGain 2 additional energy per enemy hit.

Requires 1 mod token to equip.

Swordmaster[edit source]

ModType BadStatus.pngIncrease damage by 3 for each enemy hit.

This is the default mod. Requires 2 mod tokens to equip

Leech Blade[edit source]

ModType Heal.pngEach enemy hit restores 5 health.

Requires 3 mod tokens to equip.