Stand and Fight!

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Ability Asana 3 StandAndFight.pngStand and Fight!
Character Asana
Phase Blast phase.png
Description Lash out with a surge of energy that deals 24 damage and roots the enemy.
Energy Gain 10 energy if you hit an enemy.
Cooldown 4
Free ability No

Ability Video

Mods[edit source]

Shining Blade[edit source]

ModType DamageUp.pngIncreases energy gain by 5.

Requires 1 mod token to equip.

Skewer[edit source]

ModType TargetIncrease.pngPierce through the first enemy.

Requires 3 mod tokens to equip.

Atomic Edge[edit source]

ModType DamageUp.pngIncrease damage by 6.

This is the default mod. Requires 2 mod tokens to equip

Walk and Fight![edit source]

ModType BadStatus.pngReduce cooldown by 2. Slows target hit instead of rooting.

Requires 2 mod tokens to equip.