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The second Season of Atlas Reactor will consist of 5 chapters. Each chapter has 5 contracts. The final special reward will be awarded at season level 300. Each level gives standard Loot Matrix and requires up to 10000 experience. Season 2 started on the 17th of January 2017 and will conclude on the 25th of April 2017.

The story of this season picks up about 1 months after the events of the Snowmageddon in december.

Chapter 1: Helio Rising[edit | edit source]

Story[edit | edit source]

Helio, Omni Trust's former golden boy, has bravely stepped forward to accept full credit for the Reactor's miraculous resurrection last December. His self-proclaimed acts of "valiance in the face of certain doom" has catapulted him to popularity amongst most Atlas citizens. Though others, particularly those in the Cloudspire District, seem less keen. One has even lodged a noise complaint which details Helio's "f***ng constant partying all mf***ing day! S***!"

Still, after last year's frequent Reactor outages and the destructive Trust War, which saw the end of former robotics superpower, Warbotics, the newfound stability is a welcome change. Millions of Atlas citizens promptly called for a new Trust run by Helio himself.

While publicly stating, "Me? Really? Well, if the people need me, I'm happy to serve!" and running an aggressive, near unavoidable marketing campaign, complete with jingle and free swag, Helio won a meeting with Omni Trust and Evolution Solutions that resulted in an unusual outcome.

Two new Trusts were presented to the public. "Helio United," a Trust vetted and approved by Omni and EvoS, and "Helio Corps," a Trust comprised primarily of Helio's purported friends.

Now, they said, it's up to the lancers of Atlas to choose who their new "voice" will truly be.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

The reward for completing atleast 4 of the contracts is the legendary overcon "Sweat".

Contract Reward Repeatable
Gain 5 season levels. 2500 Flux No
Complete 5 different daily missions. 1000 Flux No
Use 10 GG Boosts. 2000 Flux No
Complete 3 challenge missions. 2500 Flux No
Gain 3000 Flux from playing matches. 1000 experience No