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War dog with an arsenal of built-in gadgets and weaponry.

PuP, the Prototype
Role Firepower
Trust Warbotics
Health 160
Damage 7
Survival 6
Difficulty Medium

Biography[edit source]

PuP (Project Universal Protector) is the original prototype for a stealth spy-bot, programmed to infiltrate enemy zones, destroy sentries, and capture targets. While the rest of PuP's line was destroyed after the war due to fears of an AI resurgence, the rebel engineer who created him prevented his recycling. When that man later vanished, Warbotics allowed PuP to be placed in the care of the inventor's daughter, Zuki. Much to PuP's dismay, Toybotics' PuP-inspired toys are the most popular in Atlas.

It may be why he's let Zuki mod his gear so extensively, from upgrading his kit to programming him to drop sick beats on command.

Abilities[edit source]

Pup 1.png Megabite
Phase Blast phase.png
Description Chomp on enemies, dealing 36 direct damage. Recover 10 health per enemy hit.
Energy Gain 10 energy per enemy hit.
Free ability No
Cooldown 0

Pup 2.png Pounce
Phase Dash phase.png
Description Charge an enemy, automatically chasing the target and dealing 35 direct damage. Ignores cover. Can jump to allies.
Energy Gain 12 energy if you hit your target.
Free ability No
Cooldown 2

Pup 3.png Walkies
Phase Blast phase.png
Description Leash an enemy, dealing 30 direct damage, revealing them until end of next decision phase, and forcing them to chase you during the Move Phase.
Energy Gain 12 energy if you hit an enemy.
Free ability No
Cooldown 4

Pup 4.png Prowl Protocol
Phase Prep phase new.png
Description Gain invisibility and might for 3 turns. Using an ability will remove these effects at the end of the turn.
Energy Gain 10 energy.
Free ability No
Cooldown 5

Pup 5.png Subwoof
Phase Blast phase.png
Description Unleash a disorienting howl, dealing 45 direct damage to enemies and scrambling them next turn.
Energy Requires 100 energy.
Free ability No
Cooldown 0