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There are currently 4 maps available within Atlas Reactor. Maps not only vary in layout, but also in size and amount of pickups, cover and invisibility fields.

Cloudspire[edit | edit source]

Cloudspire is the smallest map. For its size, it features a lot of full cover, even around the middle area. It's a point symmetrical map, meaning both teams have the same start, and the left and right side are the same from each team's starting viewpoint.

Grid view of Cloudspire

Evos Laboratory[edit | edit source]

Evos Laboratory is a medium-sized map. It has a relatively open middle area. The map is line symmetric, so each team has an identical starting position, but the left and right of the map are different.

Grid view of Evos Laboratory

Flyway Freighter[edit | edit source]

Flyway Freighter is a large-sized map. The middle is very open, and the sides feature multiple ways to get past the middle without being seen from the middle itself. The map is asymmetrical.

Grid view of Flyway Freighter

Omni Reactor Core[edit | edit source]

Omni Reactor Core is a large-sized map. The middle, while not offering a lot of walls, offers a high amount of full cover. The map is point symmetrical.

Grid view of Omni Reactor Core