Guardian Angel

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Ability Asana 5 GuardianAngel.pngGuardian Angel
Character Asana
Phase Prep phase new.png
Description Must target near an ally. Grants shields to you and targeted allies that absorbs up to 25 damage. In Dash Phase you will teleport to them, doing 35 direct damage to enemies in the area.
Energy Requires 100 energy.
Cooldown 0
Free ability No

Ability Video

Mods[edit source]

Savior[edit source]

ModType RangeUp.pngCan leap to an ally anywhere on the map.

This is the default mod. Requires 2 mod tokens to equip

Archangel[edit source]

ModType DamageUp.pngIncrease shield strength by 10.

Requires 3 mod tokens to equip.

Lasting Protection[edit source]

ModType Special.pngIncrease the duration of shields by 1 turn.

Requires 1 mod token to equip.