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Freelancer is the name given to the playable characters of Atlas Reactor. Every Freelancer comes with a kit of 5 abilities, one of which is always a no cooldown blast ability on the first slot and an ultimate ability which requires 100 energy on the fifth slot. Freelancer are seperated into 3 groups:

  • Firepower Freelancers: High damage dealing, low health damage dealers
  • Frontline Freelancers: Medium damage dealing, high health and high survivability close range damage dealers with some support and utility abilities
  • Support Freelancers: Low damage, high utility support freelancer with medium to high survivability

Lore[edit | edit source]

As of right now, most Freelancers are part of one of the three big Trusts: Omni, Evo or Warbotics. Those three have control over the Atlas Reactor and it's creation engine which allows freelancers to be ressurrected in case they die during a mission. Some Freelancers do not choose a permanent side and instead are freelancers who would take any job if it pays good. Trust bound freelancers are instead adviced to not go on missions which goes against the goal of their Trust, but are free to do missions on their own if the mission would not affect their Trust negatively or competing trusts positively.

Freelancers[edit | edit source]

Currently there are: