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Free Mode

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Free Mode is Atlas Reactor's way of providing access to the game without paying the initial entry fee. As Atlas reactor is designed around a Buy-2-Play model, the Free Mode of Atlas Reactor is different from more traditional Free-2-Play games. In general Free Mode players have access to basic features with constraints but enough access to get a good idea about what they will get if they purchase the game. This makes it more akin to an unlimited trial or traditional demo.

The features that are included for the Free Mode player are:

  • A unique set of weekly rotating freelancers. Every Free Mode player has his own rotation.
    • 3 Firepower Freelancers
    • 1 Frontline Freelancer
    • 1 Support Freelancer
    • 1 Freelancer from a random category
  • Can earn loot boxes
  • Can earn ISO
  • Can play unranked games
  • Can play bot games
  • Cannot make their own custom games, but can play in custom games
  • Can play on any current and future map
  • Can progress within the Season
  • Can take and fullfill Daily Contracts

As of january the 17th players can unlock new freelancers using a new currency called Flux.

Flux is earned per match played and as bonuses from Daily and Season contracts. Besides unlocking freelancers, Flux can also be spent to unlock mods (500 Flux per mod) and mastery styles for freelancers on level 20 or higher (25000 Flux per mastery style). A player also gains bonus experience per match for each owned freelancer. Besides that, there are still the 3 purchasable options to permanently unlock every freelancer:

When a player bought any of those packs they will have immediate access to all features including:

  • Access to every current and future freelancer
  • Access to the collection store where the player can spend ISO earned for any cosmetic
  • Can buy additional loot boxes for real money
  • Access to ranked games after playing 50 games
  • Able to create custom games